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Williams College Essay Sample

We've already applied, why not share our creations to assist future applicants.

Here's my Williams Supplement. My proudest work.

Imagine yourself in a tutorial at Williams. Of anyone in the world, whom would you choose to be the other student in the class, and why?

I am, at this moment, lying on an inflatable air mattress on the roof of an abandoned gas station. The night is quiet, save the sweet song of the katydid bugs, a song that might annoy the suburban sleeper, but only reinforces the strange rhythm that begins to overwhelm me. I want to admire the stars, but an unknown force urges my eyes shut, and I, instead, begin to imagine myself in a tutorial at a liberal arts college, somewhere in Massachusetts. The professor appears. He is a cheery man with a mustache reminiscent of that of former U.S. President William Taft's, the room slowly makes itself apparent, an office like clutter where someone's mind clearly has been running free, but one thing does not appear: my peer. It is as though the ethereal forces that reside on this rooftop wish me to make this last contribution and so I oblige.

Indeed, the only soul fit to exist in contrast to my ideas is the adored character from J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series, Dobby the House Elf. It is only he who possesses the inherent submissiveness that would accommodate my nature. "I believe that Marx was 99% economist and 1% ideologue," I would say, to which Dobby would respond "Yes, Professor Taft, Mr. Parth speaks nothing but the truth." All week, my ego would look forward to the beloved tutorial where the damages imposed upon my self-esteem are mended through a sweet kissing of the buttocks by America's favorite house elf, and I would leave Williams in high spirits. Without Dobby by my side, college would leave me vulnerable and outside of my habitat, like a shaved squirrel in an air conditioned room, and thus I treasure Dobby much like the aforementioned squirrel would a blanket.

I awaken from my trance to discover the morning. I feel warm.

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Entries are groups that first-years are sorted into by the college (not randomly). They’re basically floors that will do organized activities together, talk together, and spend all of Freshman year together. Williams always emphasizes embracing a diversity in opinions, background, ideas, and personality traits. Ask around and see how others would describe you, or what they think is most interesting about you. That can provide a good starting point for brainstorming some ideas.


Culture, interests, and unique talents are all different perspectives with which you can approach the prompt. This supplement is often the most difficult for students because it can come out sounding self-centered to the applicant. If you have that issue, steering away from writing about personality and achievements by following one of the above listed ways — it can mitigate the feeling that you are bragging, and make the essay simpler to write.


The cultural way of approaching the prompt is choosing an aspect of your culture and then portraying how that affected you, and why that brings a new idea or perspective to a group conversation. No matter what its ancestral background is, each family has a specific, idiosyncratic culture and traditions that separate it from the rest. Maybe your dad takes you horseback riding, or you and your mom love to go candle shopping, or all of the siblings in your family have to cook at least one meal a week together.


Each of these traditions can be utilized to explain a certain characteristic of you that is unique. For instance, in the candle-shopping scenario, the meticulous attention to color and form that you and your mom paid to each candle made you become much more attentive to detail, causing you to try to deeply and fully understand another’s arguments or background when conversing with them.


Interests and unique talents can be approached in a similar way to the cultural approach: Choose an uncommon or interesting passion that you have (everyone has at least one, from knowing how to make origami trees to being a connoisseur of different brands of pencils), and elaborate on why that makes you who you are, and why that affects your perspective in discussion. Discuss why your interest/talent shapes your worldview, and why that gives a unique perspective to the conversation.

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