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How To Polish Valve Cover Letters

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I have just painted my valve cover, and was wondering on how to get the paint off of the lettering without scratching the paint around the letters. and how would i get the letters shiny.

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i am afraid you can only sand it down now...
you should've masking tape the letters and use a cutter to cut off the excessive tape than paint over it.
try to use a 800 grit to sand it off the paint, then use a finer grit, like 1500 to 2000 to get it shine after.
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i've always just used a flat sanding block and sanded them off after painting.
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^^What he said, next time use vasoline on the letters, Paint will not stick to it and you can just wipe it off after spraying the valve cover!
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Just make sure to put some masking tape around the letters, because if you scratch the fresh paint while sanding down the letters, you'll be pissed..lol..trust me
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i just sanded it afterwards, you can see the turnout in my log, took about 5 min after i was done painting and it had dried, i didnt use a block or a dremel, just a piece of sandpaper folded up

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Dremel would be the most accurate

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Sanding bock, or if the paint is still somewhat wet, a razor blade works good, just push down evenly and scrape slowly, it's hard to scratch that stuff up. A razor blade can be your friend sometimes, I was just doing that today, painted my VC black, and couldn't decide what to do on the letters, so I scraped the paint right off with a razorblade.
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sanding block is the best way. its flat so you just lay it on the letters and theres no way it can touch the surrounding paint unless you're on speed and twitch or something. a dremel could be risky as they have a tendency to catch and get thrown off.
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me and my friend let the paint dry completely, then used a sharp blade and went across each letter at a 45 degree angle. it was easy cause the surface of the letters were smooth.

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I did everything,haha. the paint was fresh so I started to scrape it off, was taking to long so I just started sanding, but then i got some scratches in the paint and got pissed off. so i just continued to sand until all the paint was off, but then I had a bunch of scratches all over. so then I taped the letters off and painted the VC again.... I put it back on the car and walked away, so I'll take the tape off tomorrw and see what it looks like. theres no way im going to take it off again.

i'll post a picture tomorrow so you can see what it turned out to look like.

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