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Essays About Mother Daughter Relationships

...Running Head: My MotherDaughterRelationship Analysis Christine Whittaker Parent-Child Relations 10/25/12 I, Christine Marie Whittaker, was born on December the 24th 1990, in Chicago, Illinois. I come from a family of six members which includes my father, mother, older brother, and two younger sisters. My mother is the reason I am who I am today. As a result, I have decided to write about our relationship in this essay. My mother played a vital role in shaping my personality, character, morals, and self esteem. I love the way Dr. Northrup describes the importance of a healthy mother-daughterrelationship; "I firmly believe that the mother-daughter bond is designed by nature to become the most empowering, compassionate, intimate relationship we'll ever have" (Northrup, 2006). I would take it a step further by saying it’s a design by God to create the most magnificent women possible. There are numerous benefits to daughters having healthy attachments to their mothers. For example, according to (Heath, 2013), a healthy attachment to one’s mother predicts better conflict resolution behavior. I have come to learn that mothers can take on several different and distinct parenting patterns –authoritarian, permissive, and...

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Annie John Annie John is an autobiography written by Jamaica Kincaid. In the Autobiography, Jamaica Kincaid plays Annie John, and her mother's name is also Annie John. The Background of this novel is about the activity in the society of children on a small island named Antigua. Annie John is separated continuously from her mother throughout the story, due to her increasing rebellion, resulting in Annie moving to England to be free, just as the African Americans were emancipated from slavery. This story takes place starting with Annie John's childhood and ending when she was a teenager. The story focuses on the relationship between mother and daughter. Annie John is very symbolic in comparing Annie's freedom to the freedom of the…show more content…

After her mother's remarks, Annie said, "like mother, like daughter." This conversation took the anxiety between mother and daughter to a new level. Annie felt she could never feel kindly about her mother again, and little was said between them for years.
Annie made a new friend that she called "Red Girl." Annie's mother greatly disapproved the relationship between Annie and Red Girl, but this did not bother Annie. Annie and Red Girl had a special friendship in which they did many activities that her mother did not care for, because she thought Annie should be more feminine. Annie told Red Girl that she wanted to get away from her parents, and move somewhere in England where they would never find her.
A few years later, Annie became deathly ill. Doctors did not know what was wrong with her. She began to hallucinate and would not eat for days, but her mother cared for her during this time. After about two months, Annie became well, and went back to school. She began to see her mother as a person who served her until she was able to leave the house. Although their relationship was distant, Annie embraced their differences, and accepted her mother for who she was, and moved forward. Annie left for England realizing she may never see her mother again.
This autobiography is very symbolic in the comparison between the end of the relationship Annie had with her mother, and the abolition of slavery. Annie's life

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