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Have you noticed how fond people are of rubbishing the country every time something goes ‘wrong’? I find this particularly with those friends of mine who have left the country, for whatever reason, and are not wholly convinced that they’ve done the right thing (although they will never say as much).

The minute negative news hits the airwaves – take the Marikana mining fiasco, and consequent Lonmin share plummet, as an example (not that it is not worth the mileage it has received) – people cannot wait to paste the latest offense on FB or they send you emails filled with exclamation marks.

But there is a lot to love about South Africa. I spent time trawling the Internet to find out what others think.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of the reasons why South Africans (and Visitors) love South Africa…


1. Sunshine!

And a lot of it…you don’t find blue skies like this in Europe, or Canada, or New Zealand (okay, maybe in Oz – we’ll allow that…)

2. Bushveld

Big 5 country, a vast expanse of acacia trees, dry sand, the occasional water hole, the sighting of elephant, buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, lion…

3. Afrikaner hospitality

No better place than round a braai with a beer in your hand, followed by pap en sous,  sugared sweet potato and maybe a four-bean salad (the vegetable afterthought)

4. Highveld thunderstorms

Nothing like that rolling, slate-grey approach, and the smell of the earth after rain

5. Bunny chows

Durban‘s famous hollowed out half loaves stuffed with curry is half the reason people return home

6. We don’t have a nuclear weapons programme

We might have a nuclear power station or two, but we’re the only nation to voluntarily dismantle our nuclear weapons

7. Table Mountain


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I Am Proud Of South Africa Essay

I am proud to be South African because I am South African – Taylor to be South African because I am South African 39;: reflections on 39;white pride 39; in post-apartheid South Africa. Gavin Steingo. In this essay I explore issues of 39;white 39; subjectivity in post-apartheid South. Africa. I identify and focus on two types of 39;pride 39; expressed and articulated by many white South Africans today. I am proud to be South African because I am South – ResearchGate 39;I am proud to be So In this essay I explore issues of 39;white 39; subjectivity in post apartheid South Africa. I identify and focus on two types of 39;pride 39; expressed and articulated by many white South Africans today. The first type of 39;pride 39; is a validated pride (validated by the people who express it Proudly South AfricanEssay We love food and have created dishes uniquely South African none more so than a good old braai and biltong. We love our food and embrace all cultures foods. So I think there are many things that make us Proudly South African. All of them are important and we need to embrace each one. And so I 39;m nbsp; Today I am grateful to be South African, Proudly South African love grateful to be South African, Proudly South African. March 12, 2013. I know there will be some of you out there that just don 39;t get this. That given the chance would be packed up and shipped off to OZ or some place where rugby and cricket is also played, schooling is free, you don 39;t need to lock your doors at night, nbsp; 10 reasons to be proudly South African – Essentials It 39;s time to be the proudest South African. We 39;ve compiled a list of things that are so proudly South African, it 39;s bound to restore your faith in our land. Top 5 reasons to be a proud South African – BusinessTech Despite recent reports of a spike in South Africans applying to emigrate, recent research points to a country with proud citizens planning to stay put. A number of emigration experts have recently reported a spike up to 10 times in the number of South Africans enquiring about immigrating to countries nbsp; 35 Reasons Why We Love South AfricaSouth Africa Travel News The SA Team; Wednesday, 1 February 2017; 4997 views. Hi, I 39;m Amanda from umSisi House and umSisi Cottage just outside White River on the way to the Kruger National Park and just minutes away from the Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre. White River IS BEST KNOWN FOR its proximity to nbsp; What Makes Me Proudly South African – Inspired Living SAI am proud to be part of this nation. Here are a few of the things that make me proudly South African: Cape Town, Table Mountain, Our Beautiful Beaches, Our Beautiful People, Great Food, Good Wine, Hosting the World Cup Soccer 2010, Good local Music my favourite rock band: Prime Circle . the list nbsp; Proudly African Russel Botman 39;s blog Being South African necessarily means that we are also African. Our country is, after all, part of this continent. But what does it mean to be African? It is not just about geography. The African identity is also about certain values. And at the heart of it is the idea that I am person through and with other people. I 39;m proud to be a child of the Mandela Dream – The South African 39;Friends, comrades and fellow South Africans, I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all. I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. I therefore place the nbsp;

Proudly African, Truly International Essay – – Telem Center Blog

, Truly International Essay – Isata, 8. Being Proudly African yet truly international means when you 39;re an African you have to have pride. Like when my family sings African songs, it makes me feel warm and proud of where I 39;m from. When I wear African clothes it makes me feel heartwarming. Every time I eat nbsp; Language and Me Essay 3 FunDza exposed to 11 official languages in our rainbow nation. We have a tendency of feeling inferior when speaking our mother tongues. I originate from a Tswana speaking culture. (Ke Motswana Morolong wa mmina tholo). Nothing beats someone who is proud, passionate and loves his/her own nbsp; I am a South African The Journalist a South African. A young poet gives insight on her roots. By Khotso Dineo Mashile. Dineo Mashile, a social work student at the University of the Free State, is an author and poet who firmly believes that Needless to say, I do not wish to be like anyone else or to be from anywhere else; for I am proudly South African. On Oscar Pistorius and being proudly South African – The Daily Vox I will definitely be voting. I have always been pro-ANC. But I am a little bit worried about the direction of the leadership. The DA have some good policies, but I am not sure that they have the experience to deal with all the complexities of SouthAfrica. So I think I will stick with voting for the ANC, and hope my nbsp; Being Proudly African The problem with African society today is the right to choose. In reality this should not be a problem, but it seems all the people 39;s choices are about not being African anymore. And in the long run, this can affect me when I am mugged by a young boy who should be on a farm. The problem with the world is nbsp; I Am an African – Wikipedia an African quot; was a speech made by Thabo Mbeki on behalf of the African National Congress in Cape Town on 8 May 1996, on the occasion of the passing of the new Constitution of South Africa. At the time Mbeki was the vice president of South Africa under the presidency of Nelson Mandela. The speech defined the nbsp; 10 Reasons to love South Africa News24 Since there is so much drama surrounding our country, I decided to list a few perks of living in SouthAfrica. South Africa – Beautiful Country Beautiful Fruit are known for being amongst the most upbeat, welcoming and humorous folk you can hope to encounter. The country 39;s past may be one of separation and struggle but their future is filled with unity and possibility. SouthAfricans are extremely proud of their beautiful country, offering tourists from around the nbsp; 39;I 39;m proudly South African 39; – EWN Gupta says his family is in South Africa for good and it 39;s monopoly capital that is trying to discredit the family through fake news. Free Africa Essays and Papers The Centers for disease control (CDC) has declared AIDS a global pandemic. Poverty and Health in Somalia and Africa – Africa has many issues going on, but the one issue in specific that I am going to talk about is the poverty and health of Somalia, nbsp; Reasons to believe: Ten things that make South Africa the best Debora Patta, South Africa 39;s well-known TV personality and investigative journalist for Third Degree, inspired visitors to the third day of Meetings Africa 2012. Entitled Ten reasons why South Africa is the best place to be , Patta 39;s presentation was a cheerful addition to the programme of events at Africa 39;s nbsp;

The Delville Wood Story – SA Schools 39; Essay Competition 2016

Many of those brave young men, fighting for freedom, far from home in northern France came fresh from South African schools, joining up as young men. I am incredibly grateful and honoured to have been chosen to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime journey, to have had the opportunity to learn and nbsp; Defining culture, heritage and identity South African History Online Perhaps the first and best place to begin addressing these topics is by acknowledging that in a country like South Africa, there is not one heritage, or an easily delineated set of distinct identities. The cultures, languages and heritages of South Africa are multiple, diverse, and dynamic. Intersectional issues of nbsp; Ten Reasons to be Proudly South African – Cape Town Magazine with these ten awesome reasons. Say it loud! I 39;m coloured and proud Cape Argus – IOL In short, coloured people are today black South Africans who are the closest thing to an indigenous people Cape Town has. The fact that even today in post-apartheid South Africa, coloured people are not deemed African by the authorities or even black (depending on who you ask) is further proof that nbsp; on being south african today – King 39;s College London an African was an elegiac poem, extolling the cultural, religious, historical, and linguistic diversities of South Africa. Indeed Thabo Mbeki 39;s essay was popularized, became the subject of talk shows, and the new South African was the one who identified with the sentiments in Thabo Mbeki 39;s statement. 5 Reasons I hate South Africa amp; South Africans Burgs World – A I am not a proud South African. I have given my blood sweat and tears to this country, and i have been rewarded with crime, loss, dehumanization and so many more factor which I will address. Below are the top 5 factors that lead to my absolute hate of the country and its people. In each case, I have no nbsp; You Know You 39;re South African When – SAPeople – Your There is nothing better than a Wimpy breakfast and a Cream Soda when you have a babbelas after a hectic jol; You can proudly say that your country has 11 AURELIA WALISZEWSKA: I 39;m a 20 something year old South African from Edenvale, Johannesburg, living in the south east of Spain (Murcia). Celebrating 20 Years of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights I am proud to represent a country in which the essence of the democratic act is not only intact, but is exercised robustly, enthusiastically, peacefully, freely and fairly. South Africa remains stable and continues to grow, not despite democracy, but because of democracy; not despite freedom, but because of nbsp; I Am An African Wayne Visser I am an African Not because I was born there. But because my heart beats with Africa 39;s I am an African Not because my skin is black. But because my mind is engaged by Africa I am an African Not because I live on its soil. But because my soul is at home in Africa. When Africa weeps for her children


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