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Hello I’m Sean ‘Dannamoth’ Radak joined by Chris ‘Riot Spider’ Buzon We're always looking for really talented people to join our QA team. Many of you probably don't know how we work or why we think QA at Riot is an awesome place to work, though! With that said, we would like to open the thread to any questions you have for us about QA at Riot Games. To start the thread off we want to hit on a few different popular questions. (Other folks working in the QA department will probably chime in as they have something to say/answer) **1. What does QA do at Riot?** The short answer is- “a bunch of things”. We have Game Analysts that live and breathe competitive League of Legends and work with our champion and gameplay design teams creating and modifying content. We have test engineers that build automation frameworks and assist us in driving on continuous delivery. We have QA leads that focus on the growth and mentorship of the analysts on the teams they work with. **2. What is your day like?** Our general day to day activities will depend on the team you’re working on. Our core work hours are 10am-7pm. If you’re working on the Events QA team you will be supporting one of our many global esports events. This would include trips to Europe, various locations around the US, or any other manner of locations. Almost all of the QA at Riot are embedded on the teams they work with. Someone working with the Skins team is going to have a very different day than an Analyst working with the Patcher team. Some things that you might be doing throughout the day: Playtesting new champions or live balance changes, combing through the forums or reddit to hunt down any escaped bugs, participating in long term team planning, and test plan creation/execution. **3. Do I need to be Challenger Tier to work at Riot?** No, but that depends on what you want to do. Almost all of the QA Analysts working with designers on live balance changes are platinum to challenger tier. Other positions don’t need to have mad League of Legends skills, but it never hurts. Almost all of the game focused QA positions are going to require a strong knowledge of the game. **4. Where is Riot Games?** We’re lots of places, you can check out all the specific office locations on our careers page www.riotgames.com/careers . Our Headquarters are located in Santa Monica. We have open QA positions in Saint Louis, Santa Monica and a few other locations. If you’re interested in applying, please include this post and specifically reference “Dannamoth” in your cover letter, this will help us track those who apply!

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