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The Opportunity Of A Lifetime Essay

free spirit and sense of discovery

I would be a great participant in this program, because of my free spirit and sense of discovery. I like to promote my culture but more important i like to learn about new parts of world. I think that to really appreciate your piece of world, you must learn someone's else. I feel like bird that is ready to fly, to see new and different. To spread my horizont in more ways than i can now.

As community part of program i think it is very important and priceless, in my country there are not many options so i really think that this will help me as person to get inspired. And find what i want specifically want to do in life.

When i heard of this program i thought, that is me! Aspect of cultural exchange is what is very appealing and most priceless. Connections that you make is life changing, it opens doors that we don't even know that are there. It will help me expand my horizons and give me a different perspective to living and study abroad. It will help me become a better student and person.

My biggest experience is many years in scout organization. It taught me lead and respect others, to communicate and spread my ideas and visions. It gave me one very big opportunity that changed me completely from girl to woman. It was very unplanned and spontaneous call, to join summer program between Catalan and Bosnian scouts. 15 days in Bosnian camps, speaking english and making beautiful memories, showed me that world is wonderful place worth knowing and exploring. I would like to continue that path of exploring in America were there are many nations , religions and culture.

I like to push myself out of comfort zone, and this program would do that in every possible way i know how. Even though i know how to live by myself, i never lived more than couple hours away for my family. This would be a great challenge that I look forward to complete with flying colors.

I like to build myself and learn some skills but also to improve some qualities that my parents teach me. Meet people that people around me never dream of meeting.

Help me, please.

Published : Wednesday, 1 July, 2015 11:43 AM

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Read and develop points from following Essay Topic:

Opportunity knocks once for all

There is difference between successful people and others. Successful people make the most of every opportunity that comes their way and create opportunities where there are none. The others meanwhile, keep waiting for the next opportunity to come and make a mess of it when it comes.

Opportunities are not magic wands, one wave of which will leapfrog us to the pinnacle of success. They are, in essence, chances that we create for ourselves after years and years of hard work and perseverance.

Opportunities are a culmination of the sacrifices that we make to achieve our goals, the possibilities that we create for ourselves which gives us the best chance to succeed.

This also implies that once the opportunity does knock on our doors, we need to be ready to grab it with both hands and make full use of it. A lot of people yearn for that one big chance all through their lives, and if we get it, we need to make sure that we don't let go of it.

Opportunities may strike you as massive occurrences, too visible and evident to ignore or as small windows, seemingly invisible to you but there, nevertheless, for you to exploit. Seldom does life offer the first type of opportunities, that which is glaring in your face, presents itself to you easily and requires little effort from your side to exploit.

As the saying goes, "Life is not served on a silver platter", it is those small windows of opportunities that we need to keep an eye on and exploit as soon as we see an opening. It is these small windows of opportunities that are too easy to be ignored that really count. Successful people such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet and others have an uncanny knack of smelling a window of opportunity even when there is none apparently.

Opportunities may or may not be once in a lifetime phenomenon. For instance, sportsmen keep training vigorously throughout the year for that one opportunity to prove their mettle and their moment of glory. However, they may not get that opportunity for various reasons- injury before the competition, lack of funds, not being able to qualify etc might keep them from living their dream. While others, such as property dealers and stock brokers, act according to the opportunities before them and go for the killing whenever a suitable opportunity comes.

Having said this, it is also futile to keep waiting for the opportunity to knock on your door. Instead, we should create opportunities, work hard and ensure that we multiply our opportunities. The real opportunity resides within each of us. The will to succeed, hard work, aptitude, self- belief etc are values within us that will keep putting us in positions from which we can succeed.

Therefore, whether opportunities knock once or multiple times, it doesn't matter. One should always be ready for all possibilities in life as the real opportunity is 'YOU'.

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